ROCKMAN & ROCKMAN – Magic Box from Overthrow Motion on Vimeo.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Christmas decorations are going up all around town, if you are thinking about presents now here is one idea, how about a beautiful Geometric music box to store your treasures? Kate Lennard is the Creative Director of Rockman & Rockman. As you slide along the diagonal you will appreciat the luxurious suede lined secret compartment and if you wind it up you can enjoy the theme from the Godfather. 

01_LowRez2 - ROCKMAN & ROCKMAN - MAGIC BOX - closed
03_LowRez2 - ROCKMAN & ROCKMAN - MAGIC BOX - open
05_LowRez2 - ROCKMAN & ROCKMAN - MAGIC BOX - base

The Magic Box is a limited edition, only 50 will be released for Christmas. It is made of high gloss cast acrylic, suede interior with brass and steel musical mechanism. The box is designed by Mark Garside and Kate Lennard and manufactured by: ROCKMAN & ROCKMAN and handmade in their London workshop. The retail price is 

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