Spotted into the wild : Margaux Lonnberg by Sophie Trem

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded viewers,

She does not go unnoticed. She has this look, this energy coming out of nowhere, she is different and intense.
When i met her 2 years ago while she was modeling for Les Prairies de Paris, she told me she launched her blog , because
she wanted to be a designer and have her own brand. She was determined.
But as a complete artist she needed to go through a lot from blogging,
modeling, singing…and suddenly she just did it : MARGAUX LONNBERG is
now a new basic to add in our closet!



Here is a little portrait of this new blondy kid :

Who are you?
Parisian. Inspired. Melodious
I like things to be strong and to be in a total artistic nebula

Why Fashion?
It's not really about fashion, it's a lifestyle, an attitude

What's your morning routine?
A Cafe & Cigarette on the balcony

Your favorite band?
The Rolling Stones,  DJ Shlomo, i also love what Nicolas Jaar is doing

Your favorite place in the world?
NYC because this city is no limit, so rich in so many fields from Art, Music, Films and Photos

What's your dream?
I just want to succeed in life, to work for what i love and have kids.
On the top of all, i'm looking for Freedom

How would be a day without a cigarette?
it would be a foggy and smoky day!

What's coming next ?
A good restaurant tonight

Your philosophy?
Make your path and a live out of it!

What does Freedom means to you?
To enjoy whatever life can offer you

What makes you happy?
My family, and to see my father proud of me

If you were an animal?
I would be a wolf or a cheetah

What would you do with a magic stick?
I would turn the world to my lifestyle philosophy!

Margaux Lonnberg for Vanessa Dee – Photo by Benjamin Rosemberg


THANKS Blondie!!!

Take care,