Louise Gray, spring 2013 – text by Silvia Bombardini


Dear Shaded
Viewers and Diane,

If summer ever
will get to Britain, it won't be to find its girls pulling the petals of a once-again
flowery print. While London Fashion Week has been over for a good week by now, in
the damp air here still lingers its glitter. From Pam Hogg to Fred Butler to
Louise Gray, a feminine sort of positive bravery, an overjoyed, instinctive
attitude wrapped in twinkling layers of silver foil still can be felt all
around the Kingdom. Once again on the Topshop catwalk and sponsored by no less
than Barbie herself, Louise Gray for one has showed newsprints, scribbles and
thunderbolts, chiffon on chiffon and flickering inserts in pearly sequins.
There were petticoats worn over button-down shirts in silky graphics, socks
over tights, mango lipstick and lilac and red and embroidered mirrors. It was
something of an early Westwood vibe, but in a digital and playful, game-boy
landscape, all pixels, happiness and love.


photos by Till