I Don’t Believe (in Fairy Tales) by Dejan Kovacevic photos by Lorenzo Busato


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Don't Believe (in Fairy Tales) by Dejan Kovacevic

Photography: Lorenzo Busato (www.lorenzobusato.com)

Retouching: Luka Ukropina


This collection is a fictional story about little Disney princess called Virgin Mary. It's a very old story, written in the old book named Bible which your grandmother probably talked you about. In short, princess did all kinds of crazy things, one day she got pregnant without having an intercourse and gave birth to a little baby Jesus. She has been famous ever since. It's not the first fairy tale ever told but for sure it's the most popular one. Since our childhood we are forced to believe that bringing flowers to Virgin Mary as a sign of our believing will wash away all our sins, we should show her respect and glorify her existance. Well, she doesn't exist, fairy tales don't come true, there is no happy ending, so f*ck fairytales and Mom don't make me wear little Disney princess dress ever again!




Diane Pernet

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