Debut Resort collection by Alexander Lewis


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Designer Alexander Lewis has had quite an interesting journey that got him to the point of launching his own collection. He spent a few years working with my friend Cameron Silver aka Decades (Haute Couture Vintage Boutique)  in Los Angeles and that is where he learned to appreciate all the wonders of haute couture along with being a memeber of a close knit team that involved all aspects of the business. Following the two years with Decades, Alexander went on to assist Editor-at-Large of American Vogue, Andre Leon Talley.  Lewis went back to London and learned the technical aspects of his craft as well as earning the distinction of Personal Shopper of the Year by Wallpaper magazine in 2008. He then landed a position in the bespoke house on Savile Row of Norton & Sons. His next move was as Head of Brand and Business Development at E. Tautz where he remained until he decided to launch his own brand in 2012.



He was inspired by Barra Grande, a little town on the end of the Marau Pennsula in Bahia that he's returned to many times over the last 8 years. It is like a retreat from the real world where most of the townspeople have never travelled further than across the bay in their entire life. The girls were super cool, nonchalantly sexy like you'd expect to find in Brazil but who might live in Paris or London. She packs for all occassions that she might encounter over a 10 day period. He likes the idea that the same piece of clothing can be worn in different ways by a multitude of people. In essence the collection is for a supremely chic woman who is almost careless about the way she puts herself together.


Diane Pernet

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