Caterina Gatta: the lost soul of designers textiles text by Rosario Morabito

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

I want to introduce you to the work of Caterina Gatta, a young fashion designer based in Rome whom I had the pleasure to meet in person two weeks ago, during the AltaRoma days. She took part to the event RoomService, where her current collection was displayed in the suite of a Grand Hotel in Via Veneto. 

Cate_gatta2On the rail: Caterina Gatta's current collection, made using vintage Atelier Versace's fabrics.

The fashion algebra of Caterina Gatta is apparently simple: a re-use of vintage designers fabrics that she turns into modern ready to wear playing mainly with contrasts. At a second glance, though, her work reveals its real depth. The silk crashes on leather or pvc. Light and airy fabrics get repeatedly layered to reach a soft but firm structure. The pieces I have seen were made out of a Versace