A note from Mario Canal on the passing away of his gallery Passage Souterrain

Above are two pieces created by the Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Mario Canal the founder of the literally underground gallery Passage Souterrain sent me a note tonight to let me know that his gallery is going to be replaced in essence by a traffic light. In a few more days it will have totally disappeared. I was there with some friends for the first intervention with Teresa Margolles and all of the work was displayed as public art and left the viewer with a strong emotion. Over the years 12 artists have freely and generously participated in the project.

As a final exhibition the Mexican artist featured above Abraham Cruzvillegas has created two beautiful pieces that are long lasting artwork. 

"they are two scratched patterns on the wall that represents the places in Paris that are important for him connceted with lines… the scratch looks for the original wall of the Passage (covered by endless layers of painting) as Cruzvillegas' memory deepens in his own past… Doing it wasn't exactly easy but allowed me to be in close contact with the space, going through all the moments I spent there and all the interventions made… " said Mario Canal.




Diane Pernet

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