Thom Browne SS/13 – AMAZING

Faun 1
Dear Shaded Viewers,

I hope you watched my somewhat unstable video to get the full impact of this surrealistic experience. Thom Browne took us into his personal universe and blew us away. I cannot imagine that even the most hardened observer could not help but feel totally transported by this unbelievable event. Aside from the performance of the free climbers, the guys that climb up buildings, because let's face it, who else could have managed this act…the clothes were easy to wear and well cut and those buttons? Everything made me smile, what a perfect way to end menswear 2013.

Faun 2
Faun 4
And now for the clothes

Thom browne 1
Thom browne 2
Thom browne 3
Thom browne 4
Thom browne 5a
Thom browne c up whales
Thom browne green
Thom browne m cup
Thom browne shorts

Thom browne the buttons

Thom browne whale jkt
Thom browne5
Shaded viewer and faun
A Shaded Viewer and of course who could resist this photo opportunity, one word : AMAZING

Harold koda at thom browne
Harold Koda

Arden Hauser
Kristopher Arden Hauser



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