My sweet, sweet memory from my visit to Gleason’s gym on Persol Magnificent Obessions trip to NYC photos by Donatella Caggiano

NGleason's gym
Dear Shaded Viewers,

As you read and saw by my posts last week, I had an amazing time in NYC thanks to Persol Magnificent Obsessions exhibition and all the incredible people that I met and had the opportunity to interview. Bravo Persol for such a Magnificent voyage.

91 champions
He was so great and had really fun stories to tell about training Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby 


He loved it when she accepted the award she also credited her trainer, he was chaffed.

Fat radish
I love this story, this handsome guy came up to me at the gym and asked me if I'd had dinner the night before in the Fat Radish, I had…less than 24 hours in NYC and out in Brooklyn and this guy recognizes me from the night before in Manhattan. 

Pic of the guy from fat radish
Had to document it.

Like an nimal
He was showing us his face when he became like an animal

He is the man
The gym
Rocco and I
We got on great, he was not afraid of my Mario Salvucci spiders, he loved them. If you are not too scared, you can find them in a few days at WHITE in Milan.



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