Art & Fashion Days Be Next Day 1

The view from my room at the Georgia Palace Hotel in Kobuleti, Georgia

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It's been a loooooong day getting here from Vienna. My day started at 5 am, rather it never ended since it was not possible to sleep. Some people can do the two hour or less power nap but I'm not one of them. If I had gone to sleep I would never have wanted to wake up. First leg of the trip was Vienna to Istanbul, flight was late but that was okay since there was plenty of time in transit. I have to say the Istanbul airport is huge and a bit of a total chaos. On the one hand they have a great business lounge, huge again but good and the restrooms are really nice. I loved the modesty frames that keep each woman private with her own image in the mirror. Then it was Istanbul to Batumi, a small airport, nice people and then a car ride to Kobuleti, Georgia. We received a warm welcome and right now everyone is on the 6th floor having Tattinger champagne at La Perla followed by dinner. I just do not have the strength. THought I'd jot a quick note to Shaded Viewers, take a bath and slip into my bed.

Tomorrow I'll discover the area and keep you posted. For now the image from the Georgia Palace Hotel from my window will have to do. It's a storm out there anyway but I love hotels where you can actually open the windows.




Diane Pernet

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