Pam Hogg rocks NYC at Grand Life Hotels

Debbie harry and Pam

Blondie and Pam Hogg
Jefferson hack leigh
Jefferson Hack, Pam Hogg and Leigh Lezark

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Pam Hogg performs
Ian Bradey
Ian Bradey

Angela McCluskey

Miss guy
Miss Guy

Lady fag
Lady Fag


James Gardener and Massimo Cuivello

Ben Foley and his girlfriend

Scottish designer Pam Hogg went back to NYC and was adored. A party was held for her at the Tribeca Grand, the event pulled an all-star turnout including Debbie Harry, Jefferson Hack, Leigh Lezark, Miss Guy, Mike Nouveau, Erik Madigan Heck, Derek Blasberg, Seth Herzog, Angela McCluskey, Victoria Bartlett, Paul Cantelon, Sophia Lamar, Ladyfag, Rob Roth, Amy Sacco, Geordon Nicol, Brian Ermanski, to name a few.

With Miss Guy, Mike Nouveau and the Misshapes on the decks, the night was a celebration of extravagance, and Pam Hogg showed NYC why they are proud to have her around.




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