“invisible transfer of signals (for ioana nemes)” at ArtPoint Gallery, Vienna (KulturKontakt Austria) – open until June 6, 2012

1. exhibition view room 1 (lower right side) KILOBASE BUCHAREST
Dear Shaded Viewers,

This exhibition is an hommage to the artist Ioana Nemes who left us way too early. I was fortunate enough to have met her on my first, and best, trip to Romania. 

Apparatus 22 (RO) | Irina Bujor (DE) | KILOBASE BUCHAREST (RO) | Hans Leonard Krupp (stateless) | Olah Gyarfas (RO) | Carl & Pontus Olsson (SE) | Falke Pisano (NL) | Rochi?e (RO)| Sillyconductor (RO) | Lisa Torell (SE).


curator: Drago? Olea (RO) | exhibition design: Liste Noire (RO)

  5. Rochi?e - The four seasons by night, 2010 - 2012; sound installation

The exhibition, as the first part of a series outlining less known aspects of Ioana Neme?' oeuvre, is attempting to shape a non-inertial reference frame on the breadth of cross-disciplinary collaborative work late Romanian artist (1979 – 2011) contributed to as well as on her exchange of creative energies with like-minded artists. 

7. exhibition view room 1 (upper side) Carl & Pontus Olsson; Irina Bujor

In parallel with her individual practice she engaged in collective work (whose main feature is the renouncement of personal authorship): from two art collectives initiated in 2010, namely Apparatus 22 and the nomadic gallery KILOBASE BUCHAREST  to progressive fashion label Rozalb de Mura (2006-2010) and interior & exhibition design duo Liste Noire (since 2006). Furthermore, she contributed to the work of artists from various disciplines or commissioned artists for her projects, encouraged emerging ones

Diane Pernet

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