forte_forte, fall 2012 – text by Silvia Bombardini


Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

A mild and delicate eastern breeze caresses forte_forte collection for winter 2012, somehow seasoned with hints of cinnamon and silky curry powder. "a revealing journey" whispers of an elegant and intrepid blend of femininity, of windy natures and the deep and salty, shot blue waves of superfine velvet. Indonesian memories and fabrics join the brand's unique Italian craftsmanship to create pieces with a looser 50s appeal, a mid-calf sort of confidence, delightfully curious and pure. A candid, splendidly relaxed and receptive attitude, that reminds me a bit of Debra Winger as Kit Moresby, so wonderfully classy and free in Bertolucci's masterpiece The Sheltering Sky.

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F_f look ai12 _17 1064
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F_f look ai12 _24 1533
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