Guns and roses at number 9

Fri 01/07/2005 17:16 DianePERNET(632)Number9

Fri 01/07/2005 17:16 DianePERNET(632) Two images of Number 9 collection

Dear Shaded Viewers,

My photo shoot this morning lasted longer than expected and I had to miss the first show of the day for me, Petar Petrov. I heard that it was good but can not show you anything, It was , from what I hear, what he always does but no colors, silver, white, clean, lean and not too mean. My first show was Number Nine. To me it looked a bit like Dior Homme Junior, great casting and as Maria Luisa, owner of the Maria Luisa boutique said, it’s the clothes her clients want to wear. Take and I had a bit of a discussion about it since he hated it. I liked it, I don’t say that there is any new ground being broken here but the guns and roses collection tests the temperature of the times and delivers what a lot of people want to wear.The Number 9 designer is a fashion dj sampling the trends and doing it well. I don’t think it is meant to be more than that. Lots of guys in over-sized jackets and underwear or skinny trousers or should we call them tights? It’s funny someone I was talking to was watching Tim Blanks sitting next to Suzy Menkes. They said first notes of Guns and Roses they made quick notes, then next Guns and Roses outfits more quick notes , then more Guns and Roses looks, because that was it for the collection, they just closed their notebooks because nothing more to write.
Issey Miyake by Naoki Takizawa

Naoki Takizawa showed a clean line of tailored clothes with a play on seaming and piping. I especially liked the grass stained looks and the tennis sweaters and tennis emblems. Sorry, no images here.


Gilles Rosier and the let’s get dressed in our bedrooms looks

I loved Gilles presentation with guys getting dressed in their bedrooms. We all walked through a series of rooms in a lovely hotel particular, I think this is where he lives or at least where he works. The guys were great, the clothes pretty perfect, and the luggage, well I’d be happy to have a few pieces of it for my travels. Good job all the way around and super easy to wear clothes with interesting attention to details.

Later, Diane


Diane Pernet

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