A visit to the MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art as a guest of Ermenegildo Zegna and their ZegnaArt Project with Lucy + Jorge Orta

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Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today their was a press conference for ZegnaArt Project and the inaguration of the Lucy and Jorge Orta "Fabulae Romanae" exhibition which includes installations and a film. Anna Zegna, the firm's image director and president of Fondazione Zegna was first drawn to the work of Lucy and Jorge Orta when she saw some of their work exhibited at the MAXXI Museum. The Special Projects division of Zegna has cuartor Maria Luisa Frisa commissioning the installation by Lucy and Jorge Orta "Fabulae Romanae" and worked in partenership with and conceived for the MAXXI, Rome's National Museum of the 21st century. The MAXXI is the first contemporary art museum in Rome and I believe in Italy.

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Costas Voyatzis, Publisher www.yatzer.com
Senio zapruder
Senio Zapruder is directing a short film for Zegna with yours truly, you will see it on their blog and mine too.

Nhotel de Russie for lunch
We had an amazing lunch at the Hotel De Russie.



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