Piers Atkinson, fall 2012 – text by Silvia Bombardini



Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

There is something going on at the London Showrooms, something we don't really happen to notice quite so often out of their loft. A certain daring wit and nightly humor and warm glittered souls, like club-kids raised with Marmite and champagne. They remind us that fun is still the main reason to put their clothes on, or off, depending on the occasion. It was love in fact to inspire Piers Atkinson's "Oh My!" collection for fall 2012, lusty, curious, mildly possessive and funnily impatient love. And when instincts are left to prevail, it's time to take "the animal within" out for a walk. Like a crowded, sexy fairy tale forest, the collection welcomes bears, tigers, lions and cats, shading from a voluptuous, velvety blood red to sugary, mouth-watering hues like chocolate, coffee, tea and honey, in order to please everyone's tastes. To shelter them all, brand new Bridal and Menswear lines joined the pack. "I was inspired by the idea of love and two kind of hairy creatures getting together and making babies," Piers told me yesterday "so that's of what's happening here". When we first visited his showroom Anna Dello Russo was there, trying on the Lion on tan beret, looking just as utterly divine as you might guess her to "you might think of lions as terrifying creatures" he said "but they fall in love, and they look after their babies".




You can visit Piers Atkinson at the London Showrooms, up until March 8th, 7pm, at the London Showrooms: 3 courd B