1-100 showroom in Paris photos by Miguel Villalobos

Ngraham and miguel laugh

Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos, the designers behind the brand 1-100

Nchain bracelet

N1-100 a
Nbest curve bracelet
Ndouble bracelets
Ndouble curve bracelet
Nlong bracelet
Nsilver rope bracelet
Nice necklace

DP in 1-100
A new 1-100 necklace whichI must say perfectly matches my snail.

 1-100 Paris Showroom

 March 4th-11th
 17, rue saint-roch
 2nd floor
 75001 Paris
 buzzer: "koconis" 
 Contact: Akiko Hamaoka
 Paris + (from January 3)
 New York: +1.646.415.7565

by appointment only






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