Yesterday in London….still here

Mei Hui lunch

Mei Hui aka Victim Fashion

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This morning I met Mei Hui from Victim Fashion. She is writing a piece on me and also working on a film with Patricia, it is a documentary and goes along with an art project on 3 women, I am one of them. 

delicious healthy vegetarian lunch

Patricia is directing the film on Mei Hui

Tv window guy
We were walking back to Mei Hui and saw a great window with vintage tvs and decided to take a shot and the owner of the shop came out and went crazy that we did not ask him to take a snap shot in front of his store window. Time on his hands I guess or just living close to the edge. Afterall it is outside street window. Public, no?

Konstantinos greek cakes
Greek cakes with Konstantinos

Before we devoured them. 




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