Lachlan Bailey's work can be seen in a number of impressive publications, including the American, British, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish editions of Vogue. When looking at his photography, one is able to see no less than an incredible use of color, a fantastic feeling captured and a finish that never loses its humanity to a heavy-handed retoucher. When we invited him to share his idea of contemporary on this platform with no restrictions or rules, Lachlan dove into a very natural place that, for him, was a turn back to basics and a world where photography is still a personal experience. Photographing his friend and partner, Imogen, on two different days around their home, Lachlan created some of the most emotive and intimate images we've seen in a while. The result of their union brings us to a place where we can't help but revel in the realization that reality without interference still trumps the beauty of an overly 'corrected' image.