About Leigh Bowery ,Fergus Greer, John Rozsa, Exhibition at Camera 16, text Stefania Seoni all photos courtesy Camera 16

Dear Diane, Dear shaded viewers,

THe exhibition is Leigh Bowery through the lens of Fergus Greer and Johnny Rozsa , paying a tribute to the legendary figure, an icon unfortunately not that well known in Italy. Leigh Bowery was a perfomance artist -a living art work, a night club creature, and a fashion designer…

He has had a strong impact that crosses through the art world, music and fashion.  He had an ability  to change identities and to become a witness to the protest against conservatisim which  allowed us  to look at all things in a different manner, more than anything Leigh Bowery encouraged the world to let their freedom of expression to run wild.

About Leigh Bowery ph.Fergus Greer
About Leigh Bowery ph.Fergus Greer 1
Johnny rozsa 11 low
About Leigh Bowery ph.Fergus Greer