My first week in Seoul by Akiko Hamaoka

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

As you might already know, I am in Seoul for 3 weeks to learn Korean. I am not sure how much "fashion" I will report from here, but I am sure that you can find quite some information where you have to eat here in Seoul x

It is not a chronological order, but I will start from yesterday's lunch. As I was at the Gangnam side, I decided to go to ??? for the best Pyongyang style cold noodle soup. It was a little hard to find at first but you can walk from Gangnam Line2 subway station exit2 or just show the address to the taxi driver.


Address: ??? ??? ??? 826-37 ?????????? ??1? B-147

After lunch, I went back to Gwangjang market – I went there last summer but I wanted to go back to buy some kitchen cutlery.


I queued more than 30 minutes to buy this sweets – it is called ????? (susupukkumi) the signature sweets from Gyeonggi-do area. It was like a fried pancake with red bean paste filling – I thought it might be more sweet but it was actually a little salty than sweet.

My nail polish is a present from Rila – Uslu airline x uka x colette collaboration color

I was happy to try ????? at last after wating in a loooong line like this.


My dinner was take away kimchi mandu (Korean dim-sum).

Super tasty x

The other night was gamjatan – spicy Korean soup made with pork spine, vegetables, green onions, hot peppers and ground wild sesame seeds. (explanation from wikipedia)


What you have to be careful about food here is the portion – I always find it a little too much. Maybe Japanese portion is too small but this hot pot dish was for 2 people and we could not finish at all…

You might remember the photo that Diane posted for me – the best Sam Gae Tang @ Tosokchon – this restaurant was frequently visited by former President Roh Moo-hyun and known quite well in Seoul. They do not give you a menu when you enter but this red card – the other side of this red card was actually the menu.



Address: ??? ??? ??? 85-1 Tel: +82-2-737-7444

It is not that I am only eating but I go to the Korean class at Yonsei University 5 days a week – 4 hours/day.

Yonsei University

I quite like this Asian looking bus from our apartment to the university.


More on later,