Prouve RAW Jean Prouve by G-Star RAW for Vitra

Table and school chair

Dear Shaded Viewers,

G star chair
Cite 1930 was the original of this chair

The Prouve RAW collection is a series of furniture based on the original Jean Prouve signature pieces but interpreted by the denim specialists, G-Star and with prices that are more accessable to the average consumer. The special edition project is a collaboration between Jean Prouve, Vitra and G Star.


Lit Flavigny 1945 was the original of the bed, this version is longer than the original
Dp in chair

Testing Cite 1930 chair variation Prouve RAW Jean Prouve by G-Star RAW for Vitra

David shoji
David Herman, Shoji Fujii and I testing the Jean Prouve by G-Star RAW for Vitra

Original was Banc Marcoule 1955, this is Prouve Raw




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