The Strangeness of the Ordinary

In a world when everything is fast and immediately directly in your face, what's contemporary would be to show the details and to show the underworld in terms of showing ways to express things in a more modest and subtle way. I would say Contemporary is what's clever and what's clever is to go opposite the system, slowly and subtle and not in your face. I don't like when I see a piece of art that is showing me everything. I remember when I was living in London and every week I was going in the Mark Rothko room and every week I was sitting there for like 3 hours and I was swallowed by the painting of Mark Rothko. The art that would express everything by showing nothing, by showing the minimum. What's Contemporary for me is leaving something for the viewer to discover in the work rather than imposing your point of view on them by saying it all up front in the work.