Pistil – Jewelry collection by Tomomi Nagasaka

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

Ever since I saw the earrings from Pistil at Tokyo Vansankai, I have been wanted to have one pair. I sent an email to Tomomi, the designer of Pistil the other day and she was kind enough to bring the pieces that I wanted to see again to the area I was working.

This is mine now!

The lamp by Pistil

The material of Pistil's jewelry are mainly plastic – when you see them in real, they look like they are made of porcelain or glass – but actually they are all plastic. Tomomi is mostly inspired by the material and color – she is obsessed by the texture and how to handle the plastic. 

Tomomi had more business as a jewelry designer some seasons ago, but she felt like she was working as a jewelry factory and had questions about how the brand has to develop – so she cut down the stockist and now sells her collection only at the hair salon THE OVERSEA, idea by sosu and the pop-up store which she sometimes has. She wants to work more as an artist who creates an objet – so I recommended to participate for DESIGNTIDE next year. I hope she will have the chance to show her work to the different kind of audience than the ones in the fashion industry.


If you are interested in seeing the collection of Pistil – the pieces are now available at THE OVERSEA until February 2012.