A visit to (SHOP) by method by Akiko Hamaoka

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded viewers,

Just after DESIGNTIDE – as one of TIDE extention exhibitions, there was a pop-up store called (SHOP) operated by method. Even this store was temporaty open for 12 days, method had bought all the pieces from participated artists/designers so that they are sure to get paid for the work they have done. I found it it is a great concept as it is always very risky to make something new and experimental without knowing the piece will be sold.

Dokuro(skull) Porcelain by Maruwakaya + Kutani Choemon

Mountain Range Table by Hisakazu Shimizu

incect cage by Ryuji Nakamura

Lace Globe by writtenafterwards

Ever since I saw this Lace Globe several years ago – I want to have it…

OUTBOUND by Yukiharu Kumagai, Ryo Watanabe and Takara Kinoshita

weight of the light by Kyoei Design, Kouichi Okamoto

in the sky by edition HORIZONTAL / E&Y (Koichi Futatsumata)

Weapon Decoration by Maico Akiba


method consults for re-branding of food, or new product development – when we were there, they were preparing for the reception party. There were onigiri with the rice they had re-branded and the new secret sweets. I could not resist asking them to try – and they were so friendly to let us to so. I cannot wait to see the sweets on the shelf of Seijo-ishi (the super market I always go to) – it was DELICIOUS.