visvim: Study and Practice Exhibition @ GYRE in Tokyo by Akiko Hamaoka

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I visited the 10th anniversary exhibition of visvim "Study and Practice Exhibition". At the exhibition you can see the original inspiration sources together with the final products of visvim.


Photos: visvim


I found it very interesting that they show the originals next to their final products. The products of visvim are not the "copy" of the originals – that is the reason why it makes it interesting to see them together. There are always twists and elaborate details interpretated by visvim on each product.

Visvim_06 Visvim_07

For example this dear skin leather jacket's original inspiration was a American flight jacket during the World War II. The piece from visvim has shaped body, smaller arm holes – and the dear leather was dyed with natural "AI" – "AIZOME (AI DYE)" can be only done in Tokushima prefecture in Shikoku in Japan. Wind stopper is used as a lining. Japanese traditional dye technique meets high tech material at American flight jacket = a visvim product.


The above piece is HAORI, made of hand ply-knotted Natual Indigo Dyed linen around 1800s. The below piece is Sanjuro Kimono – visvim Haori, made of natural indigo dyed hand ply-knotted Iammyin Showa-mura, Fukushima. You can see knots made by hands if you see the fabric closer.


The exhibition is up until Saturday 26th November – if you are in Tokyo, you should definitely visit – there are 2 more days left!!!

visvim: Study and Practice Exhibition

EYE OF GYRE/3F@GYRE    5-10-1 Jungumae Tokyo

Organized by visvim

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Supported by HIRAO INC, GYRE