Day 3 Russian Fashion Week

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today I decided to brave the metro and visit the Novodievichy Convent and cemetary. I know that it might sound a bit morbid but I do love visiting cemetariesDpteacup

.Novodievichyconvent_andcemetaryNconventcem_3N2_2Trees_4As I exited one of the buildings I ran into Vogue Japan’s Leeyong Soo with her translator and driver. She could not believe that I had managed the metro and gotten there on my own. The real question I had to ask myself was why I hadn’t called for a translator and a car. At anyrate we walked through the grounds and then figured by this time Robb would be up and we could pick him up for lunch at the Cafe Pushkin, unfortunately the museum was closed that day.Pushkinforlunch_1RobbscafeHandsofrobbVoguevisitNext was a visit with Anna Dyulgerova, Executive Fashion Editor aat Vogue.Anna_dyulgerovaAnna Dyulgerova could not have been more charming and gave us her insiders view of the fashion scene in Russia. We all regretted that it had taken us till practically the last day to pay her a visit. Next we decided to discover one of the most important concept stores in Moscow, Podium. I could kick myself because I never wrote down the name of the PR. You saw him next to the designer from Arsenicum a few days ago in my posts.PodiumRobbrayoflight_1ShadeddtArsenicumakikoArsenicum through Akiko’s camera before the wild night where she lost her agenda, camera and sunglasses and Robb lost his new Zambesi black coat.Serguei_teplovSerguei_teplov2Two looks from Serguei Teplov’s collection.Ryandelisey_kostsov_fashion_coordinator__1Olga_samoschenkoFashioncrowdKonstant_in_gaydayKonstant_in_gd2_1Konstant3Danila Polyakov

Before_alexandrespartyKonstant in Gayday, the Philippe Trecy of Moscow and double trouble before Aleandre Shumsky’s party and while Robb still had his Zambesi coat.PartyguestsFionaakiko_and_leeyongFiona, WGSN, Akiko, Harpers Bazaar and Senken and Leeyong Soo, Vogue Japan.Kevinlee_and_weKevin Lee and his WestEast collaborator.Partyguests2FavemalemodelDanila PolyakovTheshoesAkikoPartypeople3RobbandthecarRobb accompanied me to the car. THis is probably the last time we will see his new Zambesi coat. Neigher Akiko or Robb have any idea what happened later on in the wee hours that had him loosing his coat and Akiko loosing her agenda, sunglasses and her camera containing all of her hard work. She was pretty cool about it considerieng.

Diane Pernet

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