Amit Berlowitz Metonomies – text by Silvia Bombardini

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Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

Amit Berlowitz’s art follows the casually stern and vaguely creased lines of a natural but foreigner landscape; it dips itself in Israeli raw, moonlike grays, its sweet-scented sand and unquiet souls. Her video works graze that state of elective consciousness one may experience at dawn, or in certain dreams where nature is sentient with meanings we can’t help but forget while waking up. Watching them feels somehow like observing someone else’s vision, whose elusive reason keeps us vulnerable, curious and antsy. While no narrative unfolds, emotions raise to the surface the inevitable, involuntary way they do in dreams, a gentle, poetic solitude, some awakened tension and unconscious tenderness. Her subjects are ageless mirrors of feelings we knew and buried: their innocent walking, fearing, chasing and digging unearth those weaknesses that make of us wonderful human beings.

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Silvia Bombardini