M. Peerali’s Peek of Hedi Slimane’s Exhibit at MOCA in Los Angeles

As an Angelino native, never have I seen such a crowd of hipsters adorned in black at an art show west of La Brea in my entire life. Quite a lot of eye candy and brooding style, as well as the exhibit itself being beautiful.

As we enetered downstairs, there were raw wooden framings of Hedi's work along with the juxtaposition of mirrors below, allowing the viewer to feel like a piece of the show. At least that's my interpretation.

My handsome friend and fellow Slimane fan, Chris Petroff.


Upstairs there were 3 screens projecting Slimane's images as a live band played. 

Natalie Shirinian, Myself, Chris and his friend Michelle all glowing post show.


Suggest local Slimane admirers or those passing through to check it out. Will be open til 1.22.12