Desperately searching for Sumo wrestlers in Ryogoku

This is the only sumo wrestler we found in an entire afternoon's search

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I've had a fondness for sumo wrestlers ever since my first trip to Tokyo in 1985. I had the desire today to walk among them and so Akiko Hamaoka and I went to try and track a few down. We visited 8 'stables' but not one sumo wrestler in site. I did spot a retired sumo in a suit and should have taken his photo but did not….the first and only one that I saw was just when we entered sumo land, but that was it.

This is the stadium where most of the matches take place.


One of the 8 stables that we passed….only sign of life were the bikes.

After three hours of searching we decided they are either sleeping or out of town…

One highlight, however was a rare moment when I can feel tall, we stopped in a little pottery shop.

DP and the 2 ladies



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