The John Lawrence Sullivan women’s collection by Arashi Yanagawa

Arashi Yanagawa

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I never go to Tokyo without visiting John Lawrence Sullivan aka Arashi Yanagawa. His clothes look just like him and what always stands out is how good looking all of his clients are as well. Akiko and I arrived just after his model had left and that was just fine with me as there were two beautiful clients sitting there that when I asked agreed to model a few looks for me. Everything fit them and they enjoyed wearing the collection as much as I enjoyed photographing them.


Saemi Kito and Rieko Takagi both are from chad in Nagoya

In a way I think it is more fun to see the collection on real people.

WHile the girls were changing I took a photo of Arashi and his brother, Teppei, love those beautiful smiles.

We had great fun, I was so lucky that they were there.

I bet you never knew I have a thing for sumo wrestlers…Arashi just came back from the part of Tokyo where many of them do their training and offered me this umbrella, bet I'll have the only one in Paris.

Maybe Akiko will take me there and I can have a walk among the sumo wrestlers. She was quite surprised to find out this little passion.



Diane Pernet

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