Highlights of ASVOFF 4 today at Centre Pompidou in cinema 2 and Petite salle

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today is the final day of ASVOFF 4, here are a few special events:

Cinema 2

15h – 17h45 Focus on Joseph Lally with Daphne Guinness

The  Murder of Jeann Seaberg by Joseph Lally starring Daphne Guinness, Michael Brager – 58 minutes

The Black and White Maze of the Painted Zebra by Joseph Lally starring: Daphne Gunness, Tyson Ballou, Michael Brager, Charles Devoe


Petite salle

18h – 20h Carte Blanche to Rossy de Palma in presence of Rossy de Palma & Manish Arora

Rossy debuted as ASVOFF's first ever Ambassador at the Cannes Film Festival in May

Introduction: Rossy et La Mode

Rossy's choice: Franchesca Page by Kelley Sane

(1997) starring Rossy de Palma, Maureen Griffin, Joe Piroli, Jeffery Robertson

Petite salle

20h30 – 21h30 Music live performance by SULLOM VOE (U K)

Influenced by protopunk, alternative and post-rock, Sullom Voe is Carson McColl, Mohanned Al-Daami and Sebastian Schlecht on vocals, guitar and violin respectively.


Petite salle

In addition Short Films start at 11h30 – 13h at 13h15 – 14h Ellen Von Unwerth Short Film Retrospective

14h15 -15h30 Short Film Program4

Cinema 2

11h30 -12h Focus on Walter Pfeiffer


Short Documentary Program including Ultra Violet for 16 minutes by David Henry Gerson (in presence of director)

Stephen Jones (Besides the accident of fashion)

Pain is Felt by All – Mads Dinesen and Mali Lazell

Raquel by Tiziana Panizza in collaboration with Jorge Yarur

The Waiting Room by Yuri Ancarani

13h30-14h30 Ilona, Upstairs by Melissa Hammel (in presence of director)

Mirror a documentary on Undercover by Tetsuya Nagato + Katsuhide Morimoto

The Guts of Duckie Brown by Lina Piloplyte

15h as mentioned above Focus on Joseph Lally

and a repeat of Masters' short film selection and Short Film Program 1

See you later?




Diane Pernet

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