Licence Professionelle Design de Mode et Environnment of Paris Est Marne-La-Vallee University

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Pauline Sauvanet.


Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

There is always something strong and tense about a degree presentation, a certain feel of hope and obstinacy bound to be lost in growth, hopefully to be replaced by the reassuring taste of well-earned success. When the relative lack of experience could still be considered a value, the distractions filling their minds the finest sources of inspiration, beliefs are still revolutionary and the market is supposed to bow before a bright idea. The scrupulous care for every detail, their steady young hands trained in repetitive perfecting gestures, the weight of an almost maternal attachment to their creations, the healthy competition, the immaculate principles. Expectations, resolve, and the a deep, painful love for what they are doing. Crammed all together in schoolrooms suddenly feeling too small, it's maybe naive to hope they all will become stars of the future sky. But you certainly can see their potential, that first spark twinkling behind their eyes, and all of a sudden being naive feels quite like an achievement.

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Audrey Garel. A print that could remind of a whiter version of Christopher Kane's, and a parasol pierced with several Plexiglas prisms to draw overlapping rainbows when the sun hits them. From the collection "Paysage".

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Lou Ripoll. Lou was inspired from Pina Bausch's Tanztheater, the concept of movement, and the possibilities offered by the space between body and cloth.