White Light by Artek in the window of Dover Stree Market

Artek at DSM 19.09 (1)
Dear Shaded Viewers,

The other day when I was in London I was stuck by the light and when I spoke with the Design Director of Artek Ville Kokkonen, even more so, these lights can make you eat less choclate, not drink so much coffee and just basically make you feel good, imagine lights that can make you thinner and happier.

Artek at DSM 19.09 (2)
Artek at DSM 19.09 (4)
Artek at DSM 19.09 (21)

The White collection was design by Ville Kokkonen and Artek STUDIO, 2010.



Of course it makes perfect sense when you understand that this concept comes from Finland, a land where they need a bit more LIGHT…



Diane Pernet

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