Kristian Aadnevik spring 2012


Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

Kristian Aadnevik referred to William Bouguereau paintings and the Norse myth to inspire his spring 2012 "Valkyrie" collection. Apparently, the classical, healthy naivety of Bouguereau's women tempered the proverbial ruthlessness of Scandinavian folklore, turning those blonde goddesses who used to be taken for crows looking for corpses over the battlefield into benevolent, though intimidating, powerful angels. Aadnevik's goddess is also conscious of modern times: her power doesn't come just from faith, mystery and fear, she has indeed acquired as well the glamorous strength of the superhero, his silver and gold, shining and tight silhouette. The designer great command of feathers, despite being nothing new, is always a pleasure to look at. Focusing on the models' bellies, the plumage reverently adorns a holy part of the female body, hinting at mythological fertility and the mystery of life.