Brazilian designers at MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2011. By Glenn Belverio

Dudu Bertholini & Rita Comparato, designers of the brand Neon

Dear Shaded Viewers,

As Brazil is one of my favorite fashion, and all-around, destinations, it was a thrill to see some Brazilian style (and hear some samba) on the MQ Vienna Fashion Week catwalk. The Austrian audience responded to this sudden burst of South American energy as if they were being repeatedly goosed. Not only was there spontaneous applause when the first looks from each collection bounced out onto the runway, but many formally impassive attendees were squealing and writhing in fits of erotic frenzy. 

Two collections were shown: the first was from the brand Neon and the second was by Vienna Fashion Week's invited artist-in-residence, Fabio Gurjao.



Brazilians really understand the correct use of color and patterns, and the metallic accents in this collection added a touch of cool glamour. The Neon brand was created in 2003 in Sao Paulo and designers Bertholini and Comparanto bring together the moods of beach and city, evoking many of Brazil's idyllic destinations.