Marco de Rivera reports on Monsieur Maud Molyneux

Aesthetic, dandy … if not now hackneyed epithets, they define perfectly the life and work of Marc Raynal, who in many pen names, (Maud Molyneux, Louella Interim, Dora Forbes), a led for almost ten years the fashion pages and cinema release along with Serge Daney, Michel and Gerard Lefort Cressole. Maud Molyneux's pen is unique, fantastic fashion writer, probably the best after Proust, it is also an ardent film buff, celebrating with love, far from the theoretical excesses of criticism, the big Hollywood style in refined classicism.

Great critic, Maud Molyneux was also a personality as engaging as fascinating: both erudite non-standard ("we did not know when we phoned Maud," now show his friends), a pillar of the Paris night of the 70 , passionate about fashion and costume history. Read Maud Molyneux / Louella Interim today is a real rediscovery, that of one of the last great cultural feathers of the press.

"One day a very young man, bearded, wearing tight jeans, ponytail and shirt printed double troubling John Lennon. The next day in a miniskirt black bun and thigh. And always unfiltered Gauloises corner of the lips. He spoke of him in the masculine and the feminine was called, sometimes the reverse. Louella, The Maud, Marc, Dora, if you prefer. Be a fierce and refined, like a Brummel, had made his life a work of art. "(G