Day 1 Perth, Australia invited by Portal & Zekka

Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The 24 hour ride to Perth actually was smooth as glass. I don't know what my energy level will be today but on arrival, I felt fine. Graham and Miguel are here for their installation which will be the first at the new gallery Portal + Zekka which will focus on international art and design. Graham and Miguel will show Hic & Nunc large scale sculpture, macrame,  jewellery, photographs and an amazingly beautiful book.

Liza Blakiston

I finally met the angel, Liza Blakiston, that is Graham Toabor behind her and in her hands is the beautiful book. Hic & Nunc opens  August 11th.

Dinner at the Richardson Connor Youngs, Romina Gil de Matos, the owners of Portal & Zekka, Liza Blakiston, Graham and Miguel.

Graham, Connor Youngs, Romina Gil de Matos and Miguel having a business chat

Around 1am Liza and I went to pick up  Konstantinos Menelaou, we were happy he was not in his neighborhood in Dalston where the riot is going on as we speak.

Konstantinos and Liza checking him in.



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