Getting ready for Perth and my first trip to Australia and hopefully encountering a few laughing Kookaburras

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Portal + Zekka are presenting HIC et NUNC and selected works by Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos and I am a special guest and ASVOFF is also invited to screen at Perth Cultural Centre in less than two weeks as a guest of Portal + Zekka. Konstantinos Menelaou will also be there and Sonny Vandevelde and his girlfriend Jacqui will also fly in. Miguel sent me this photo of the Kookaburras. They are very large 28-42 cm called terrestrial kingfishers and hail from Australia and New Guinea. I wonder if we will run into any while we are there. Supposedly they have an unmistakable call which sounds a lot like loud, echoing human laughter. They are a little hysterical and have been renamed as Laughing Kookaburras.

I love their shape and if we are lucky maybe we’ll hear their laughter.



Diane Pernet

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