Simone Rainer The New Golden Age, text and photos Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane , dear shaded viewers,

yesterday I went to see the presentation of the first bag and accessories collection by Simone Rainer. I was introduced to the project few weeks ago, and only  now I can understand the symbolism inherent in the collection.  The project is the result  of a maniacal research: the golden rectangle is the concept and is applied as a golden section to all the items in the collection. THe volumes and the proportions also are based on the golden rectangle. Through the use of the materials the three phases of the alchemic process play witness to the pureness of the gold.

Me modelling the triangle bag

 Christian modelling the triangle bag

THe designer Simone Rainer


The triangle bag in napa leather, when you touch it the heat of your body changes the color into gold, my hands were quite warm. 


Leather printed  in gold powder  9KT

The  lining print  represents the Penrose plugs.


The project plans the collaborations of  the artist Paolo Gonzato, the video maker Anna Franceschini with the art video "L'Opera al Nero" , and  Rohn Meijer for the still  life.