JESSICA SOFIA MITRANI Lupe and the Austrians July 14



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Dear Shaded Viewers,
"When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate." Carl Jung
Jessica Sofia Mitrani created an exhibition around the idea of her first childhood doll which was made out of baby blue plastic. She had it and when she was five years old, Lupe disappeared; she did not remember how she was lost but that it created a void within her. "Years later, as an adult, I described the doll to a friend of mine: "Lupe was a little woman, her hands in the pocket of a coat that is always fashionable, with knee-high boots and short plastic hair that gave her an androgynous look. She looked like an urban flaneur that you might see in NYC's East Village." My friend replied "Jessica Lupe is a mass-produced doll, and you will find plenty in the market in downtown Barranquilla." The next week he brough Lupe to my house-this time she was bright pink! I was extremely happy."
Jessica goes on to say how she moved to NYC from Colombia and brought Lupe and placed her on her bookshelf. She sometimes felt that she was the object putting her in a corner, punishing the child or putting her on the edge of a shelf like a suicidal. 
A few years ago, Jessica became friends with Prince Josef von Habsburg-Lothringen of Austria and his wife, Michel….the story goes on…to tell a rather bizarre tale.
Galleria Christopher Pascall presents "Lupe and the Austrians," an exhibition of new work by Jessica Sofia Mitrani. This is her first solo show at the gallery.  In this exhibition Jessica explores identity and doubling. Six years ago when I co-curated a fashion film festival called You Wear it Well, Jessica had a film in it that is part of one of her series "In a Single Shoe," the Galleria Christopher Pascall exhibited this at ArtBo 2010. The artist took pairs of iconic women's shoes – from a girl's Mary Jane (the film screened at You Wear it Well) to a sophisticated stiletto to a nurse's white loafer and turned them into a single object. Each shoe is accompanied by a short film.



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