Dolls by Saul Zanolari

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I had the pleasure of meeting Saul Zanolari the other day in Paris. He is a multi-disciplinarian. on one hand he does public art, will show you some later, dolls and digital portraits … We met because he wants to include me in his Echography of Change project. I know he loves wrinkles so I'm a little worried how that may turn out although he assured me he would flatten the image… Reading on his site I came across "Saul's collection of images offers us a surreal 2D wax museum; made of a mixture of fantasy and reality, thoughts, concepts and images. The digitally remastered psyche is embalmed forever in its frozen world."


"Saul gradually removes the protagonist's assumed identity and introduces an avatar, who morphs the subject's features back into the real person deep inside."

I am now the proud owner of this little doll from Saul's EyE PiLLOW art editions.

I love her and her wrinkles…but wrinkles are always sweeter on somebody else.


"The queue to join the army is growing with international celebrities and individuals commissioning Saul to reverse their public persona in order to join the ranks of his naked army. Michael Jackson, Madonna, and even the Queen have joined Saul's Army and many more will follow.



P.S. If you scroll down the page you can watch a few short NVU's with Saul at Les Deux Abeilles.

Diane Pernet

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