Horiyoshi III _The Illustrated Man

"I would like people to lose their prejudice against tattooing. I would like them to see the essence of the art" – Horiyoshi the Third

"I shall gash my body all over and get tattoos; I want to become hideous as a Mogol; you'll see, I'll shout in the streets. I want to become mad with rage. DOn't ever show me jewels; they'll make me crawl and twist about on a rug. My riches, I want them completely splashed with blood." Arthur Rimbaud

"In the old days tattoos were the symbols of delinquents and outlaws. In my opinion, the relationship to outlaw culture is one of the most attractive aspects of tattooing. I also have felt attracted by such things. On the other hand, tattooing has become more artistic and beautiful and I think art is art. The idea of being related to outlaw culture is based on something more spiritual. Being two things, an oulaw and an artist, at the same time is not easy. There are a lot of tattoo cultures all over the world but Japanese tattoo culture is a bit different from the others as we consider a body to be one canvas and the whole thing is designed to be one piece. It is not only decoration, it has unique techniques and styles, and each motif has meaning in its design." said Horiyoshi.


A short video interview with Robert Forrest is coming soon.



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