Got A Girl @ Joe’s Pub (September 26)

Saturday night at Joe's Pub, I saw one of the best shows that I've seen all year.

It was Got A Girl, the musical collaboraton between producer Joe "The Automator" Nakamura and actress/singer Mark Elizabeth Winstead.

It was kind of a fun mixture of French-Pop, Trip-Hop, Indie-Pop/Rock. 

From the opening, when the three backup accompanying musicians started out onstage alone playing an instrumental version of the old 1960's song "Groovy Kind of Love" right through until the end – every song was cool, sexy and enjoyable.

I always have felt Mary Elizabeth Winstead was a good actress (she was great in "Smashed") but, I never knew she was a singer – and a super cool, sexy one at that.

For sure, this performance is going to be on my Top 10 Favorite Events of this year.

I'll be going to see them next time they perform !