Photo bhy Philip CHU at Juun's SS 2011 Paris show.  


Dear Shaded Viewers,

It's almost a new season and I am sure this outstanding Korean designer –  Juun J must be crazy busy preparing  to amaze us again in June.  Fortunately, Juun and I were contacted for a project so I got a chance to ask him a few questions to share with the shaded viewers.  

P:  What's your design process?  

J:  My design process starts classically .  However, the classic for me is totally than the basic classic, which means classic mode with the items taken apart and put back together again to become entirely  new items.  

P: Besides fashion, do you collect anything?  

J:  I  collect table lamps.  Besides Fashion, my focus is on the beauty of table lamps.  I have collected about 40 different designs of table lamps.  My table lamps create the entire mood it is as if you are in under the spell of the Galaxy.  It enchants me that is why I love night fall.  

P:  If you weren't a designer what would you have been?

J:  I live in a big city and as a designer I have to move to other big cities and the truth is…I don't like being in cities. If i were not a designer, I would do gardening.  I sincerely love to take care of animals and plants.  However, it is never too late, and I think I could still do that in some day.  When I am finished being a designer I will challenge myself as a gardener.  Lately, I understand  that the beauty of nature is richer than Fashion.  


Philip Chu