Espace culturel Louis Vuitton : Making of Makom – May 18 – May 29th at the Espace culturel Louis Vuitton and May 19 – Oct 24th in conjunction with the exhibition Michal Rovner, Histoires of the Louvre.

NMichal Rovner - Makom II
Michael Rovner Making of Makom

(c) ADAGP, 2011

Courtesy: Michal Rovner


Dear Shaded Viewers,

An interesting collaboration is taking place at L'Espace cultural Louis Vuitton in conjunction with the exhibition Michal Rovner, Histoires of the Louvre "Making of Makam next week which documents the construction of the two monumental stone structures that will be in the Louvre's Cour Napoleon. 

Michal Rovner is an Isareli artist that has built these massive structures with a team of Israeli and Palestinian stone masons out of the remnant stones from dismantled houses in Israel and along the West Bank. The light colored stones were collected from the rubble of destroyed houses throughout Jerusalem, Haifa, Galilee, Hebon, Noblus, Bethlehem, etc. Rovner structured them in a simple square pierced by a narrow vertical opening which allows the viewer's a glimpse inside. Makom means space in Hebrew. A book has been created by Isareli author David Grossman and Michal Rovner and published by Steidl. The book, created by two brillant minds, has the power to touch people of all ages. Michael ROvner and David Grossman will discuss the book as well as their other creations at the Espace cultural Louis Vuitton on May 26th at 7pm.



NMichal Rovner - Makom
Michal Rovner

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