Dear Diane & Shaded Viewers

Post-modern, surreal visions. Glances at the past but addressed to the future. This is Carolina Amoretti. Born in 1988 in Imperia (Italy). Carolina attended the Art Institute of Imperia, graduating in decorative painting. She paints and draws with charcoal, but in those years her need to look for a new way to stimulate and communicate her imagination became stronger. This is the reason why she started to use photography to realize her "surreal" images in order to obtain a more mysterious and disturbing result. Taking the photographic image as a reality, Carolina distorts this certainty by creating doubts and confusion in the viewer through tricks and photomontage.Driven by her passion, she enrolls at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan and works few months in the studio of Armin Linke (portrait, landscape and reportage photographer), where she learns to menage the work of important productions, the exhibitions' hall setting up and the meaning of "archives". In the 2007, she becomes the personal assistant of the fashion photographer Ciro Zizzo working for editing and post-production of his advertising campaigns and editorials for fashion magazines. With "unisex" in the 2009 she participates at the group exhibition in the gallery of Costantini Arte Contemporanea (IL torchio) in Milan, guided by the photographer Giancarlo Maiocchi, aka "Magic Eye