Marco de Rivera reports on Charlotte Perriand at The Petit Palais

Charlotte Perriand liked having "the eye range, that is to say, pay attention to all the beings and things, especially the most humble. Her "eye fan" became a regular "photographic eye"to generate images of cutting-edge, self-serving to its highly innovative furniture designs.

That is what the Petit Palais hopes to introduce to the public by deploying pictures and furniture Charlotte Perriand both in the showroom on the ground floor, called Jacqueau Hall, in the halls of the permanent collections in resonance, then with the furniture of the eighteenth century, realist paintings, Greek vases …

This exhibition is part of the policy of the Petit Palais to give all its rightful place in the art of photography and contribute to the development of French art furniture.

 Le Petit Palais until Septembre 2011


Marco de Rivera