Flying in a helicopter with Kelly Cutrone to the Ultra Diamonds event in Woodbury Commons. By Glenn Belverio

People’s Revolution owner Kelly Cutrone and our chopper at the NY Heliport.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday Kelly Cutrone invited a select group of editors to a champagne lunch event at the store of her new client Ultra Diamonds, located in Woodbury Commons in upstate New York. Because we editors are far too busy and impatient for a long drive upstate, we all hopped into two helicopters that were waiting for us at 34th Street and the East River and were whisked off to the event within 20 minutes.

Legendary PAPER magazine editor Mickey Boardman indulged in candy as we waited for the rest of the group in the trailer at the 34th Street Heliport.


Cue M*A*S*H theme song: The editors file into one of our choppers.


Kelly Flipcammed our journey and provided commentary during our flight over Englewood, like “We’re flying over Eddie Murphy’s house! Now we’re flying over Russell Simmons’ house!” Kelly has a fab new book coming out on May 3 called “Normal Gets You Nowhere.”



Brooke Bobb of ELLE magazine.


Ground control to Major Glenn: Me on my first helicopter ride.


The weather was not perfect but we still enjoyed the stunning views of the city.


I loved the views of Central Park and my favorite body of water in NYC, the Jacqueline Susann Reservoir.


After landing, we immediately started perusing and salivating over the gorgeous glittering baubles in Ultra Diamonds’ new store. Ultra Diamonds is the fifth largest retailer of fine jewelry in the United States. They work with a global network of over 400 suppliers to bring beautiful jewelry to the public affordably and directly. They also carry a wide variety of luxe watch brands, from Tag Heuer to Gucci to Movado.


After a few sips of champagne I was ready to fondle the store’s largest diamond. As Mrs. Vreeland would say: “EXCESS!”



Here is some of the swag we received in our gift bags: Sterling silver bangles with pave diamonds.


Danica Lo of and her gift bag.


Ultra Diamonds CEO Danny Marks explained the brand’s philosophy and strategy to us.


Shannon Fitzgerald, the vice president of series development at MTV.


After a lovely lunch of grilled salmon and vegetables at Ultra Diamonds, we flew back to the city with our luxe swag. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!



Later, Kelly and I went to visit one of her other clients, Belinda Pasqua who designs a line of handbags and clothes from recycled leather called The Sway, at an event at Bloomingdale’s Soho. The cocktail was for the launch of the store’s GreenShows Ecolux Pop-up Shop on the 5th floor.



DJ Blue Logan at the Bloomingdale’s event. I totally want one of those phone attachments. He bought it on a recent trip to Hong Kong.


Glenn Belverio



Glenn Belverio

Glenn Belverio is a writer and New Yorker. He has been reporting for ASVOF since 2005 and currently works at The Museum of Modern Art as the Content Manager for MoMA Design Store.