David Wants to Fly documentary by David Sieveking

David Wants to Fly David Sieveking's


Dear Shaded Viewers,

This documentary was 5 years in the making and came out about a year ago but I just watched it today. It's the story of a David Lynch obsessed film school graduate that wants to make films like Lynch and as Lynch is a strong advocate of TM, David Sieveking devotes himself to finding out about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his TM Movement and how TM could make him a great filmmaker. It is an absorbing, hilarious and compelling documentary that reveals the power struggle between Maharishi's followers after his death for control over the organization and its huge fortune and of course how yogic flying can create world peace. While Jason and I were watching the film we noticed that there were no women in the yogic flying class. Not sure why that was. There was also an interview with a healer that was once involved in a 'love' relationship with the now deceased Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In the beginning David Lynch welcomed David Sieveking into the fold. By the end of the documentary he wanted to stop the film from being released.  David Sieveking's girlfriend accused him of harassing Lynch who at the end would have most likely enjoyed lynching him. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, especially the interviews with x-TMers and an interesting view of  the much-vaunted Brahmasthan which turns out to be a ghost town for which one of the x- TM NVU'ed had invested millions.  An interview with Swami Swaroopanand, successor to Guru Dev, in a village near TIbet sees him telling Sieveking that the Maharishi came from a trader caste and  was merely Guru Dev's bookkeeper and had no right to give mantras or teach meditation. He states :Gurus don't sell their knowledge, they share it." 

I think there is something to that saying: 'You should never meet your heroes".




Diane Pernet

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